Call to the People

One Hood Calls On its Members and Supporters To:

– Serve as a bridge so that conscious prisoners can communicate with one another and community activists in dialogue to develop solutions to the problems within communities of color while also serving as a support network for conscious prisoner activists.

– Serve as a bridge to resolve neighborhood disputes by training street negotiators who can work with youth and street organizations/cliques through outreach programs with different neighborhood activists and organizations.

– Encourage members to strengthen and develop their bond with their family, which is the most important bond.

– Encourage youth to engage in the process of self discovery, and to understand what role they must play in the struggle for self and community empowerment.

– Encourage and demand respect for the community, especially the elders and our children.

– Encourage communal participation at every level of our movement.

– Encourage and promote gender equality, recognizing that men and women are partners within this movement and all walks of life.

– Develop and advocate a code of ethics and value system that street organizations/cliques can adopt that encourages them to respect and defend their neighborhoods, as well as one another.

– Network with community activists and organizations interested in supporting One Hood’s agenda.

– Encourage programs for ex-offenders that include parole support and employment for One Hood members and activists.

– Establish External Support Committees to be the bridge between imprisoned One Hood members/mediators and members and supporters on the streets.

– Publish and distribute a newsletter, both print and online, to promote One Hood’s agenda. Heart of the Hood shall be the name of this newsletter and it shall address and confront the tough issues within our hoods.

– Provide an alternative to the culture of indifference that conscious-minded brothas and sistas who seek common grounding can network and support one another within.

– Stand in solidarity with Latino and Asian communities who share our values, as well as all people who stand in solidarity with our movement’s agenda.

– Stand in opposition to all forms of oppression, exploitation, and discrimination while standing in solidarity with the oppressed peoples and communities of the world.

– Educate the public and raise awareness about the injustices within the Prison Industrial Complex (P.l.C.) and Police Brutality within our neighborhoods.

– Raise awareness about the imprisonment of Political Prisoners and provide them support.

– Support harmony between humanity and the environment.

– Do one’s utmost to refrain from using drugs or alcohol and to not engage in drug dealing or other criminal activity.

– Respect each others’ wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends, and family members.

– Refrain from engaging in militant posturing that invites state repression or inflammatory rhetoric that divides our people and communities.

– Incorporate and attempt to live by the values in the New Afrikan Creed and the Seven Principles of Kwanza.

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