One Hood United Mission Statement

nobody-in-the-world-nobody-in-history-has-ever-gotten-their-freedom-by-appealing-to-the-moral-sense-of-the-people-who-were-oppressing-them-assata-shakurThe title of this Movement shall be One Hood United. One Hood United will serve as a platform for uniting community activists with conscious prisoners who have abandoned the gangsta and street mentality, along with behavior which has destroyed our families, neighborhoods and sense of community values. Its objective will be the building of an autonomous movement that will confront the cultural, social, and political problems that our neighborhoods are facing today, tomorrow and into the future. One Hood United will serve as a bridge for resolving and developing solutions to the circle of self-destructive behaviors Black youth are caught up in, recognizing that a moral value system for our youth is the first priority of the movement. One Hood United will strive to be a vehicle to unite neighborhoods, to end senseless violence, and to raise the cultural and political awareness of Black youth so that we can collectively become, in the words of Sista Assata Shakur, “Shields that defend us and spears that penetrate our enemies.” One Hood United will develop new and innovative concepts rooted in the tradition of the Black Liberation Movement and built on family and communal values and the principles of unity, freedom, self determination and struggle which shall serve as the foundation for the movement we are building. One Hood United will use the Nguzo Saba Principles and New Afrikan Creed as its foundation.

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