Calling on you to Support #FreeTheReal

The #FreeTheReal campaign is aimed at bringing home our countless Brothas and Sistas locked down in the Belly of the Beast and tripped in the cycle of mass incarceration who are serving unjust and unfair sentences. Today, more Black Men & Women are imprisoned, on probation or on parole then were enslaved during the extra of slavery – making prisons the new plantations and mass incarceration the new slavery. Black and Broken bodies from amerikkka’s cities feed this beast and the people running this country have no intention of releasing our loved ones. If anything, the racist policies of the president of white amerikkka, Donald Trump and his klansman Attorney General Sessions, will continue to send the police into our neighborhoods as modern day “slave raiders” hauling off note Black and Brown youth to the new prison plantations. It is time we do something about this.


Toward this end, the #FreeTheReal campaign has been launched to give a voice to the people and communities that have no voice. The #FreeTheReal campaign was developed by imprisoned activists and is geared toward freeing the Real Men and Women imprisoned. These imprisoned activists are members of 1Hood United, a youth empowerment movement committed to improving and controlling our neighborhoods. 1Hood United was inspired by Hip Hop artist Jasiri X’s 1Hood movement as well as Hip Hop artivist Blak Rapp Madusa. 1Hood United #FreeTheReal campaign is to bring attention to other real men and women locked down who have once possessed the same self destructive mentality that our youth now possess but who have abandoned that mentality and behavior and who are now interested in serving as guidance to our youth. Those who have once lived that culture are best suited to bring youth out of it.

Not only that, but we’ve suffered and are still suffering the consequences of living that gangsta lifestyle we once embraced, lived by and in many cases have seen our friends, homies, cousins and comrades killed. Therefore, we have already learned the error of our past ways and are now ready to help a new generation of Black youth avoid the errors we’ve been through.

When we look at the current state of our youth and neighborhoods there is a desperate need for guidance, the right guidance. For too long it has been unconsciously implanted in our youth that real men and women are the big time drug dealers, gangsta’s, shooters, etc. and these are the images they aspire to. From the cradle to an all too early grave (or life in prison), we’ve taken on the king of the jungle mentality and this imagery has led us to murdering each other, destroying our communities, harming our families and the mass incarceration of our youth. Instead of being true Kings and Queens we’ve been played out and tricked out by the system of white supremacy.

We’ve been riding on and warring on each other and it cannot continue at this rate. There are people in power who hate us and who are white supremacists. The Klansman Attorney General has declared war on our Hoods. This means more police, more arrests, more harassments, more prisons, more unjust laws and more police killing Black people. Make no mistake, this is a War and we need our people home so they can defend our neighborhoods from this onslaught coming and who can help solve the problems are people are facing. We must be ready!

1Hood United #FreeTheReal campaign is calling for the release of the real men and women locked down in the Belly of the Beast. This means we’re campaigning for the freedom of the following:

  1. ) #FreeTheReal men and women that have matured out of the gangsta mentality into a positive and productive mentality.
  2. ) #FreeTheReal men and women that understands what it means to be a responsible man or women and being responsible to your family and community.
  3. ) #FreeTheReal men and women that understand being a father does not mean being a sperm donor and being a mother does not mean giving birth. Being a mother and a father means being a positive and present guiding force in the lives of your children.
  4. ) #FreeTheReal means to free those who can become positive role models to the youth in our neighborhoods.
  5. ) #FreeTheReal means to free men and women who understand that riding for your neighborhood does not mean destroying your neighborhood and terrorizing our own people.

To Free The RealĀ  to free those that stand on a foundation that is deeply rooted in honor, integrity, dignity and respect for Black and Brown Life. To Free The Real is to free those who operate and function off of the highest moral standards, principles and who embody what it means to have real character. It is to free those who know that in order to have any form of success we must first have Common-Unity in Our Communities.


Free the Real is not just about posting a picture and shout out on insta, its not about just a hastag so we are also calling on people to support and join movements that support prisoners and who are working to end mass incarceration. We have included a list of credible organizations at the end of this mission statement that we are asking people to join or support through donations.


Your support is needed now more than ever to free and support your loved ones and people locked down. We need all the People and Families in the hood who have a loved one or friends in prison along with all Street Generals and Street Captains to get on deck and ride for #FreeTheReal by putting its info out front on their social media posts.

We are calling on everyone to:

1.) Send a shout out on Insta, twitter, Facebook, etc to someone you know imprisoned with a picture of them, short statement about them and the hashtag #FreeTheReal.

2.) On every birthday, holiday, family get together’s, cookout’s etc send a shout out to your imprisoned loved ones or someone you know using #FreeTheReal to keep them out front.

3.) Put together Free The Real events in your neighborhoods such as picnics, fish friars, fundraisers, block parties, etc that brings attention to our people locked up from our neighborhoods and communities.