We Recognize


  • A new generation of activists of color must pick up the fight and develop new and innovative concepts and solutions to our problems in a language that is relevant to youth of color – a language that they can relate to and that is in tune with the times we live in, while remaining true to the ideological foundations of the movements of resistance that preceded us.
  • No movement can be successful that does not promote and practice equality between men and women. Therefore, One Hood United will practice gender equality at every level within the movement, recognizing that men and women are partners and that women must occupy the same position as men within our people’s struggle.
  • The vast majority of senseless violence taking place in our neighborhoods has to do with a lack of cultural and family values and an absence of identity and love and appreciation in ourselves and our communities. Black on Black violence, Brown on Brown violence, and violence in general between all youth of color constitutes one of the most pressing internal problems confronting our communities and one which can only be addressed by a cultural revolution within our neighborhoods.
  • The War on Drugs and mass imprisonment are a war on youth of color and it is the bodies of youth of color and poor people in general that feed the Prison lndustrial Complex (P.l.C.). The traditional method of more police, more prisons, and more prison time has done nothing to improve the conditions of our communities and in fact those methods have done a great deal in decimating Black and Latino communities. Any challenge to the mass criminalization and mass imprisonment of people of color must originate from a Human Rights perspective and new community based solutions must be developed by the people most impacted by the crime and violence in our neighborhoods.
  • One Hood United recognizes that the epidemic of police brutality is directly tied to criminalization of communities of color as a result of the war on drugs. Therefore, OHU supports the de-criminalization of drugs and recognizes the need for drug addiction to be treated as a health epidemic and not as a criminal offense. We also recognize that our communities have the inherent right to police themselves.
  • Culturally and politically conscious individuals who have taken the time to evolve out of their former destructive behavior and our Political Prisoners are needed in the struggle to rebuild our neighborhoods and to serve as an example for youth seeking a way out of the violence and indifference within our neighborhoods.
  • lt is the political element combined with cultural development that will teach our youth to engage in constructive dialogue with one another and to collectively struggle for self determination, justice, and freedom, rather than collective destruction. Towards this end Community Control and influence in the schools within our neighborhoods is imperative and parents must have a say in the education of their children.
  • A community-initiated Economic Blueprint must be developed that will provide an alternative option to the drug trade that youth of color and ex-offenders can turn to. Any such blueprint must be rooted in Collective Economics/lndustries, Social Service Businesses, Green Energy, Sustainable Subsistence Models, Community Agriculture, Union/Coop models, etc.


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